My mindset

The most important thing in my work is honesty, Not only with words en deeds, but also with materials, shapes, production, en prices. I believe the world would be a better place if everything is done with honesty and sincerity.

Working together is also important, and learning from each other is a big part of this.
In my opinion a good working atmosphere exists of different people with different experiences listening to each other with a bit of critical thinking and an open mind. Making use of other ones knowledge is more useful than trying to figure everything out yourself

Creative and technical

With my background, knowledge and interest for design and engineering I can make a bridge between concept and reality.
When I'm designing I can use my knowledge about materials and production methods to find the limits of what is possible and also keep an eye on feasibility.

When I'm engineering I can keep an eye on the thoughts behind the design, and when making necessary changes in a design to make it workable it will be in the line of the design.

Maritime sector

The roots I have in the maritime sector are deep.

My family (Keizer) is not an unfamiliar name in this sector and I'm born and raised on an inland ship myself.
So it is is part of my whole life and it is a natural choice for me to work in.

My knowledge and experience

Design and Engineering

As mentioned before I have a background in design as well in engineering.
I have a broad knowledge of materials and production methods.
In both designing and engineering I'm skilled in 3d cad drawing and now how to use modern systems, besides that I'm also not unfamiliar with old crafts and skills and I'm trying to use the best of both worlds


I have experience in several branches including:

  • (Super)yacht exterior
  • High end kitchens
  • Interior furniture
  • Stand building

My CV can be given on request


Royal Huisman

"De werkzaamheden zijn naar tevredenheid uitgevoerd en Kars heeft een positieve bijdrage geleverd aan de projectteams. Daarnaast hebben we Kars ervaren als een zeer betrokken persoonlijkheid die open staat voor adviezen en verbeterprocessen"